Uy Vu


    Greeting and welcome to my webpage. This is no longer a business webpage for “Uy Vu Entertainment”, Uy Vu Entertainment -Bringing the music- is going under some transformation. We are still serving great services and improving management, so if you need any help please call me at 714-588-5512.

     On the other hand, this is now a personal webpage featuring a few things I’ve done along the way, and perhaps a few glands just up ahead.



Greeting and welcome ...

Please checkout these sites below:

-My fun, personal Facebook/ YouTube:

-My Musician Facebook:

-Spotlight School’s official website, Facebook page, YouTube:

My latest work:

  1. 1.I built Spotlight School of Music with two branches. One in Garden Grove and one in Irvine.

  2. 2.Got back in shape and got a black belt